No, Sunset Crater Volcano Is Not Erupting

We've seen a lot of chatter on the Interwebs today about Sunset Crater Volcano — specifically, that a "plume" erupted from the extinct volcano yesterday (Wednesday, June 3). Most of the social-media posts we're seeing cite a link from something called Dutchsinse. But the people who know best whether the volcano is erupting — that is, the people who actually work at Sunset Crater Volcano — assured us today that these reports are unfounded.

We reached out to Cecelia Shields, the chief of interpretation at Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument, to learn more. She passed along a news release that the monument issued today:

The National Park Service has received numerous inquiries about the possibility of current volcanic activity at Sunset Crater Volcano. The internet source of the purported eruption is based upon a black-and-white satellite image. The report is not from an academic source or part a scientific agency, such as the United States Geological Survey. Furthermore, no activity has been observed on the ground by park rangers staffing the national monument.

Sunset Crater Volcano, part of the San Francisco Volcanic Field, is an extinct cinder cone. Local cinder cones are created by a one-time eruption event and are not known to erupt more than once. Sunset Crater Volcano erupted over 900 years ago, making it the youngest cinder cone in a field of over 600 volcanoes. It is now extinct and not anticipated to erupt again.

So, there you have it. The release adds that the San Francisco Volcanic Field, of which Sunset Crater Volcano is a part, is still considered active, so there could be another eruption east of Flagstaff some time in the next 1,000 to 5,000 years. But one thing we know for sure is that it's not happening right now.

To learn more about Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument, visit the park's website. Or, even better, visit the park!

Photo: Doug Koepsel | Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument


Is a dormant volcano, with a geologically recent eruption only 900 yrs ago. It is not extinct.

Wow this is scientific lol. Just dismiss it the government says.. lol

Then what? Don't put words in other people's mouths about your volcano(s) is erupting or even an eruption is imminent. You have presented no facts to prove your point so why even try denying the video evidence? SOBER UP AND GO BACK TO SLEEP!!

Dutchsinse? Really? Here.try this for facts:

So let me get this straight. First, they, by their own admission, were out there looking into the caldera, for days before that, for no reason. Then they delete the article that says that (1). Next theyre, and you, are implying that the smoke was from a huge controlled burn (220 acres/day) wasnt visible until it traveled north then east for 15 miles before its visible on a GOES satellite. Did I miss anything? (1)

Right - just because you live there and have first hand knowledge, don't confuse conspiracy nuts with accurate information. Just imagine the widespread panic you could eliminate! What!? Orson Welles!? Invaders from Mars!? Run, everybody, NOW!?!!!)))

Reading the comments on that YT video is really rather depressing. HAARP, Nibiru, the Yellowstone Caldera, ALL are somehow connected to this insidious 'steam plume.'

Just wondering. Has a USGS or NPS employee actually observed the video presented by the Y T producer Dutchsinse before denying any active anomaly ? IF the video is time stamped for accuracy then recently something similar to steam was released into the atmosphere. Certainly by no means an "eruption" but worth an accountable observation and explanation.

The Flagstaff area had a inflow of humid air from the tropical storms in the Pacific on this morning. It is normal for this air to be lifted by orographic lift of San Franisco peaks and Sunset Crater. This forces this moist air into the colder upper air and a lens shaped cloud is formed above and just downwind of the mountain. This sort of cloud dissipates quickly as shown on these air photos. I have seen these clouds many times in the summer.

The park is visited by hundreds of people each day, and many thousands more drive by on Hwy 89 just two miles away. Not ONE person has reported a giant plume of steam roaring into the sky? Not one?! If there was anything at all to this absurd 'story,' pictures and reports would be all over youtube, twitter, FB, etc. Dutchie is in the business of selling hype and outright lies to the tin-foil hat crowd. The 'Steam Blast' is just the latest in a LONG string of made-up stories. Tomorrow, he'll be back to Nibiru, the 'imminent' eruption of Yellowstone, or the some other nonsense. I suppose he got his 15 minutes. Mission accomplished!

I'm quite surprised that the scientists have released their findings so quickly. Wouldn't it be beneficial to actually visit the site of Sunset Crater, do a few tests, then decided if there is any activity that the public should be aware of. First of all dutchsinse doesn't say the volcano is erupting, he is just showing us the plume that came from the crater which is clearly visible on satellite. Some say if was from a controlled burn, but there were no controlled burns conducted at or near Sunset Crater, in the morning, just after sunrise. He has followed similar activity in the past, in other parts of the world and in some cases has led to eruptions. He has been doing this for a long time.

...also take into account the recent earthquake activity in the Flagstaff area. It may no mean anything but is definitely worth a second look. I remember when Mt. St. Helen's blew and all of the ash fallout that fell onto my car. It does happen in America and will happen again multiple times.

Nice response but more interested in your name and imagining you could be family....if so hello and long time no see :-)

So you're going to take the word of some whacko running a conspiracy theory website over the word of news services, (who are usually the FIRST to scream that it's time to panic, even when it's not!), local residents who'd probably notice said event and the rangers and other individuals whose job it is to monitor that area including specifically for any sign of impending apocalypse? Really? And frankly unless he's a highlander I doubt the wanker running that website has been keeping watch for potential volcanism for longer than the Dept. of the Interior or the USGS.

I'm a desert journalist in California. Please NEVER believe or share any posts by Dutchsinse if you care anything for intelligent analysis, science, or accuracy. He posted weather radar images of thunderstorms over the Mojave (where I live), and insisted they were giant gas plumes being emitted from the earth. Even when I pointed out they were obviously the thunderstorms passing through our area, he insisted they were geologic activity instead. If you can't tell a thunderstorm from geologic phenomena, and you argue about it with people who happen to be in the area who know what is going on, then you're a lousy source of information for pretty much everything.

Dutchsince never said this was a pending eruption. He stated his opinion of a possible earthquake based on the fact this area showed a steam release. His theory being this event is a sign of the massive pressure building up on our West coast in conjunction with other events currently happening. Did anyone watch the video your bashing? If there is nothing happening in this area why has geologist been investigating there for the past few days? Where are the facts backing up your story? This is a hack job propaganda piece. Sleep well tonight wishing your dignity will return tomorrow.

Here's a higher resolution image of the area in question at the time of the alleged 'eruptive plume.' Isn't it a bit odd that now, two days later, not ONE of the hundreds of daily visitors to the park has reported a giant plume of steam roaring into the sky? If there was ANY merit in Dutchie's absurd volcanic interpretation of events, social media would be flooded with images and videos, and the local Flagstaff news would have reporters crawling all over the park. To date, NOT ONE shred of corroborating evidence has surfaced. Hum.... Dutchie makes a nice pile of money selling this sort of hooey to the Tinfoil crowd. (Look up 'scalar squares' and 'Haarp rings' for more shining examples of his pseudoscientific drivel.) I'm glad this story has become a minor news item. I know the True Believing Moonbats will never be swayed, but hopefully many thousands of people will now see that he is nothing more than a deceptive snake oil salesman.

So, did this all get swept under the rug? What about the huge white plume south of this location a year later? Is it related to the same volcanic string?

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