For You: Sunny Days to Come

Chad Coppess | Monument Valley

EDITOR'S NOTE: The following appeared at the end of the December 1951 issue of Arizona Highways. Happy New Year!

Friends meet and part, going their separate ways through the maze and patterns of life woven by the stern fingers of destiny. They give something of themselves to each other. Neither time nor distance takes away the influences left by the warm traits of personality and comradeship; nor lessens the pleasant memories of joys and happiness shared, one with the other.

Friendship is one of the great compensations of living. How sparse, indeed, would one's life be without friends!

A friend cheers you in your triumphs, lends solace in your sorrows. A friend demands nothing of you; he gives everything cheerfully. He shares his life with you; so that your life is made more complete by the precious gifts of friendship.

As the New Year begins, one remembers one's friends, both near and far. When the Old Year dies and the New Year is born, a new page unfolds bright and crisp and clean for our story to be written there upon.

We hope that as the new story on the new page of the New Year is inscribed for you, there will be each day and every day to come, for you and yours, much happiness and sunshine and the warmest wishes that friend can extend to friend.

— Raymond Carlson, Editor

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