The Hub Restaurant and Creamery

By Kelly Vaughn | Photo by Paul Markow

Note: Due to COVID-19, this restaurant is closed until further notice.

Sometimes, it's good to break the rules and maybe start your dinner with dessert. Walk into The Hub Restaurant and Creamery, and you'll be tempted to do just that — in large part because you'll be greeted by a bewitching bevy of ice-cream options. They run the gamut from orange-white chocolate to bourbon-almond brittle, all of them named on a chalkboard and all of them available for sampling. However, if you choose to follow tradition, avert your eyes and focus instead on The Hub's extensive lunch and dinner menus.

The popular restaurant is located on Tucson's increasingly hip Congress Street and draws a varied crowd — professionals, students and late-night diners who wander in after a show at the Rialto or one of the other downtown venues. That might explain the restaurant's name, as well as such diverse offerings as cheesy tots, described as a "mountain of tater-tots"; corned beef hash, adorned with two fried eggs; roasted corn and avocado salad; big, beefy burgers; and warm lobster rolls.

Equally eclectic is The Hub's drink menu. Whether you sidle up to the wood-topped, stone-sided bar — it faces three televisions and a giant, mirrored wall of alcohol offerings — or linger in one of the restaurant's ample booths, you might be impressed by the more than 20 draft beers, as well as 14 varieties of wine. Cocktails, though, are where The Hub's bartenders shine.

The Under Construction cocktail — which is aptly named, given the recent overhaul of Congress Street — features Maker's Mark bourbon, basil, sugar and freshly squeezed lemon juice. The Presidio, on the other hand, spotlights Milagro Silver tequila mixed with fresh lime juice, grapefruit juice, serrano-spiced agave syrup and maraschino liqueur. The former is a sweet sip, while the latter packs a spicy punch.

Of course, if you followed the rules and avoided dessert before dinner, you'll know how to cool off. Two scoops for good behavior.

The Hub Restaurant and Creamery is located at 266 E. Congress Street in Tucson. For more information, call 520-207-8201 or visit