Red Rock Café

By Maryal Miller | Photo by Jeff Kida

Sometimes, it’s the simplest things in life that are the sweetest. Like sitting down on a quiet morning and leisurely noshing on a warm, home-cooked breakfast. But when calendars and cell phones and the everyday dramas of adulthood get in the way, buttermilk pancakes, fresh fruit and steaming maple sausages are often replaced by rabid caffeine hunts and handfuls of dry cereal plucked straight from the box.

Enter the breakfast-lover’s salvation: Red Rock Café, a veritable rehab for those who’ve fallen prey to the morning fast-food meal routine. It’s the fix you’re looking for, and fittingly, it’s nestled in the mother of all healing havens: Sedona.

“Our motto at the Red Rock Café is ‘Food so good, you’ll plan your day around it,’ ” says owner Kathy French. “And we stand by it every day.” Productivity junkies may scoff at the notion of planning a scenic Sedona adventure around something like hash browns and home fries, but that’s just the addiction talking. French and her husband, Bill, are ready to stage an intervention.

So, instead of throwing on the backpack at 4:05 a.m., cutting off little old ladies and trampling small children in an effort to hit Slide Rock before the crowds, take the first step toward recovery and allow yourself the indulgence of a quiet table at the Frenches’ cozy café.

“Our menu goal was to serve a variety of selections and make them home-cooked, just like mom or grandma used to,” French explains.

Mission accomplished.

As you inhale a cornucopia of heavenly aromas from the thick slices of cinnamon-sprinkled french toast, plates of hearty grilled corned beef hash tossed with bell peppers, every variety of fresh veggie-and-cheese-packed omelet imaginable, and trays of colossal, hot, gooey cinnamon rolls, don’t be surprised if you find yourself curling up in the fetal position and crying for mama. Remember, you’re detoxing, and it hurts so good.

If none of the above is enough to curb your breakfast cravings, fear not, Red Rock has a more powerful fix. A sweet sip of the café’s popular 99-cent mimosa, along with blue-corn huevos rancheros, Southwest-style chicken-fried steak with sharp cheddar cheese and scallions, and a build-your-own breakfast burrito — all topped with Red Rock’s special spicy Ranchero sauce — should cleanse the senses. And to ensure maximum impact, the friendly café staff has been known to hug it out with recovering rush-breakfast addicts.

Welcome to a whole new you.

Red Rock Café is located at 100 Verde Valley School Road, Suite 107, in Sedona. For more information, call 928-284-1441 or visit