Gadsden Hotel

By Kathy Montgomery | Photo by Steven Meckler

Walking down Douglas’ main street is like stepping into a bygone era with the Gadsden Hotel as its centerpiece. Opened in 1908, the hotel was rebuilt in 1929 after a fire demolished everything but the Italian-marble staircase. The reconstructed hotel reflects the prosperity of a boomtown that processed half of Arizona’s copper. It features marble columns with capitals leafed in 14-karat gold, stained-glass skylights and a 42-foot Tiffany stained-glass mural. The lobby looks like something out of a movie, and Hollywood used the hotel in many films. Having lost some of its luster in recent decades, the hotel turned to the newer medium of television. Hotel Impossible answered the call and featured the Gadsden in August 2013, remodeling Room 101 and the registration area. Since then, the hotel’s bar, restaurant and mezzanine-level guest rooms have all been updated, putting a contemporary twist on the hotel’s classic bones — and allowing the star to shine once again.