George Walker House

By Kathy Montgomery | Photo by Steven Meckler

“Welcome to Paradise” is how Winston and Jackie Lewis greet guests at the George Walker House. Located in the idyllically named community of only a few full-time residents, the George Walker House is certainly a paradise for the bird lovers and naturalists who flock to Southeastern Arizona. Built around 1905, the house is one of the community’s few remaining original structures. It’s old-fashioned and comfortable, with quilts, wood stoves and a cheerful yellow kitchen that was added in the ’60s. It’s well stocked with a variety of literature, local history, nature guides and good binoculars. The best room of the house is the screened-in porch, with its worn, painted wood and comfortable rocking chairs overlooking an array of feeders that attract a variety of birds, including the juniper titmouse, the Mexican chickadee and 13 species of hummingbirds.

The George Walker House is located at 2225 W. George Walker Lane in Paradise. For more information, call 520-558-2287 or visit