Lazy Trout

By Noah Austin | Photo by Paul Markow

“The lazy trout doesn’t get the worm.” If that isn’t a saying, it should be. But lazy is a good thing at Greer’s Lazy Trout, an ideal place for summer relaxation in the cool temperatures of the White Mountains. The motel features eight cozy rooms that can accommodate as many as four people, and the rooms’ front porches face Greer Valley and offer frequent sightings of deer and elk. Next door to the motel is the Lazy Trout Market, which sells the kinds of things people on vacation are likely to forget. For larger groups, the motel’s owners rent out more than a dozen private cabins. The Greer area provides easy access to hiking and mountain-biking trails, and it’s also a good place to put your feet up and enjoy the view. But if it’s trout, rather than laziness, that interests you, don’t worry: The Lazy Trout offers private fishing at three nearby ponds. 

The Lazy Trout is located at 38940 State Route 373 in Greer. For more information, call 928-735-7540 or visit